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What's Happening in Environmental Health

International Travelers

Traveling Oversees this summer? CDC warns of the following outbreaks:

  • Watch - Zika Virus in Bahamas
    • Announced August 2016
  • Watch - Yellow Fever in Angola
    • Announced August 2016
  • Watch - Zika Virus in Florida, USA
    • Updated August 2016​

ZIKA Virus

Food Outbreaks ​

9th Global Conference on Health Promotion

Food & Product Recalls​​

Product and Date Recalled

  • Fresh Cut Vegetables (8/26/16)
  • ​Sweetened Ginger  (8/25/16)
  • ​Scallops  (8/24/16)
  • Eye-Saline Eyewash  (8/19/16)
  • Frozen Cut Corn  (8/19/16)
  • ​Pretzel Crisps  (8/17/16)
  • ​​Blended seasoning curry products  (8/12/16)
  • ​Bread mixes, Muffin mixes and Brownie mixes  (8/11/16)​​​